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The Collapse of Your Economy, Part II: wherein I’m cookin’ up a spaghetti Western with lemons, Clint Eastwood and the Three Amigos.

“It’s been driving me insane that so many entrepreneurials out there, the ‘self help gurus’ aren’t meeting many of us head-on with a serious, scary challenge we are facing: the economy…”
~ me. In Part I of this wild ride we’re on

I hit a nerve recently with my post, The Collapse of Your Economy. I know this because many of you both here and privately made that clear.

Yeah, but where do we go from here, you ask?

Oh, my, have I got plans for YOU. Not to mention a handy-dandy map + tons of power tools in my saddlebag of tricks. Better pack it up, ’cause we’re not hanging out in these trenches for long! First, though, you and I need to have a Serious Talk. (Don’t worry; I brought chocolate.)

This topic of  ‘financial hardship,’ as you may imagine is near and dear to me. I hope you took away from the previous manifesto that I’m tenacious and optimistic – I don’t give up easy, and I don’t want you to, either. So let’s put on our Big Kid chaps and dig deep. I’m going to throw it down on the table right now: oh hell yes, there are a lot of us having serious money issues. Yes, there are more than enough challenges to go around between job loss, unstable markets, bankruptcy (I know a lawyer who can’t take on any more for months due to case overload), mortgage fraud, crunch time with the bills, ___(handy-dandy space to insert your issue here)____ and what not.

But what we’re going to be talking about around here is not just about money, because that’s only a symptom of what’s really cookin’ over the campfire.

What we’re really talking about is how to have an unshakable soul in unstable times.

Intense and lingering hardship from monetary battles are a fact of life in nearly every culture historically (need I list them? I didn’t think so), but so is conflict, challenge + change. Everyone has a version of their ‘elephant’ in the living room. It’s how you rise up and look ‘em in the eye that matters. For many of us, money is our ticket to ride on the Struggle Bus right now, but for some it’s family, or work, or health, or… you get the idea.

So if you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet that you’re not just wanting some kind words and pithy quotes (though that’s helpful and certainly, you will find that here also), you’re looking for ENCOURAGEMENT. You’re not willing to sit down and wait for life to happen to you. No, you’re looking for ACTION to create the shift and change you need. You’re looking to take what has been handed to you and transform it. (That’s makin’ lemonade outta lemons, for those of you paying attention.)

While many of us may be having serious financial challenges and the stress that comes with it, here’s the Deeper Truth of what’s at hand and what’s at stake: Change. That’s what you and I are learning to live with on a daily basis. Not just run of the mill everyday change, but rapid, hard-core change in a very modern, post-industrial-society-on-the-verge-of a-new-world kind of way, with stressors and control issues unlike we’ve ever known (or were designed for, but now I’m getting ahead of myself). And Change is at stake here because if you cannot embrace Change and roll with it, you get knocked down and stuck between a rock and a hard place. And usually, that’s exactly where you don’t want to be when sh*t hits the fan.

I’m not trying to belittle what so many of you –and I – are going through, don’t get me wrong. (I’m also not into smoke and mirrors; stick around and you’ll find I’m pretty straight forward.) By calling money issues symptoms of something greater and by labeling that greater issue Change I’m attempting to help elevate your view from beyond the mud and sludge of the trenches we’re in. Because when you’re in the trenches, it gets pretty darn easy to get trapped into a negative mindset, constantly peaking over the berm of said trenches to see what’s coming at you next, constantly thinking about what you’re doing wrong, constantly judging and criticizing everything you do and everything that happens to you, constantly wondering when help will arrive… In other words, you are fixated on trying to find a way to control the situation.

So when these two are sparring with one another, Control and Change, and their shoving each other all over the place like bullies in the schoolyard … what do you need most? How are you going to save the day? Who you gonna call?

I’ll give you a hint: the origins of this word traces it’s roots to another time and place in our history, and it’s all about heart. When it seems like everything is falling apart, when it feels like life is pullin’ the rug out from under you every damn time you finally get up, when the storms are bearing down and there’s nary a lean-to in site, you need to conjure up your inner Clint Eastwood.

That’s right – you need Courage, my friend.


 So here’s the essence of what we’re talking about: Courage. Change. Control. (In the world of spaghetti Westerns, this would be The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.)

Just like me, I bet you have all kinds of pre-conceived ideas around these partners in crime, the Three Amigos. Let’s turn them upside down and shake those pockets out.

There’s so much to discuss around these dudes, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. So we’re going to ease into the saddle here. Remember when we talked before about being pummeled by lemons? And how I’ve mentioned a few times now that people need some on-the-ground ACTION to help them focus and come to center, to have some tools before they can even think about makin’ lemonade?

First off, the most crucial necessity in trying times, when the Three Amigos are coming to town, is how you take care of you. So we’re going to look at what it takes and what it means to nurture you, because that is how we can rise to the challenge that the Three Amigos are bringing to your destiny’s high noon. When times get hard, when you are crouched down in the trenches dodging those lemons … it’s really easy to go into survival mode and stop giving lovin’ to the one who needs it most: You.

This is Not Good. This is a Very Bad Idea. Because this is the time, more then ever, when daily self-care is vital to your well-being and success in any endeavor.

Serious note about self-lovin’: I am firmly invested in the perspective of self-care as crucial to a life lived from your Highest Potential, because I’ve learned it myself the hard way (heck, still am learning!). And I constantly see people that I know and work with who not only ignore this Truth, but will actually fight it – or worse, sabotage it. When you don’t take care of yourself during times of intense and chronic challenge + change, it’s like showing up for the showdown with no ammo, no horse, and no Wingman (Clint would be hangin’ his head in shame!).

So let’s look at how we gather our power + vitality to address challenge + change.

The information for each of these topics is vast in and of itself; I’m going to be diving into each of them with more details, books, insights, vendors, etc., so check back weekly for links and articles. Education is power, my friends!

For now, let’s consider the bullet points (pun fully intended, no matter how lame). And don’t give me any lip about how these are the boring basics. If you were already doing all this, then you wouldn’t be here, dude. You’d be a Superhero hanging out with the Honey Badger. If you’re looking for a smooth and easy blue pill ala The Matrix, go along on your merry way. I’m not here to wave my magic wand (though I’m damn handy and rather dangerous in fantastically awesome ways with one) and make it all better for you. I’m here to  help EMPOWER you in this world, which You are responsible for creating. Roll up your sleeves and pull on your spurs, we’ve got work to do, my friend!

Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.
Clint Eastwood

Coming up next: What’s In Your Tool Box for Self-Lovin’, and Naming Your Core 4 (or: how we’re going to soar out of the trenches!)

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The Collapse of Your Economy: Stuck in the Trenches? Not If I Have Anything to Say About It!

Here’s the deal: I usually take an incredible amount of time to write my blog posts. This morning, I got so fired up about something that I blasted this out for you ‘live.’ Raw. Sleepy. Barely caffeinated. It all started while I was reading a new post over at Jonathan Fields’ blog and it got me all fired up.

“Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” Mary Oliver

It’s been driving me insane that so many entrepreneurials out there, the ‘self help gurus’ aren’t meeting many of us head-on with a serious, scary challenge we are facing: the economy. I bet every single person reading this knows at least one person who has lost their job, or maybe one person who has lost or is about to lose their home. I know of (hold on, here…counting… counting…) at least six people who have lost their jobs, at least three people who have lost their homes in the last year. And I’m being really stringent here, only people whose faces I can conjure up. I’m not counting the hundreds who are about to walk away from our local Borders, for instance. I’m not counting the faces I don’t know personally behind the FOR SALE signs I see marring the streets of my Small Town USA (pop:1400), even though I’m sure many of them mingled right near me as we dropped our kids off at school.

Here’s the deal: I’m all about unshakable soul. I am all about being an instigator for BEAUTY + EXCELLENCE in your life, and here’s why: stark truth, IT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING, y’all.

If you can see the beauty and the power in any given situation, you can and you will rise above, my friend. Nothing will stop you.
(Excellence in action = power; not self-serving, shallow power but TRUE POWER, the Giving Kind. The kind that changes social norms and inspires a woman to refuse to sit at the back of the bus kinda POWER = EXCELLENCE. If there ever was an example of Beauty + Excellence in action, it’s Rosa Parks. Awesome silly visual bonus: Rosa Parks was the Honey Badger on the Struggle Bus! What’s a Honey Badger? Why, only the ‘most fearless animal on Earth,’ says the Guinness Book of World Records.)

Here’s the deal: I hate watching people struggle.

I hate watching people – amazing, wonderful people – who can’t get outta their own way.

I’m sick and tired of people not knowing what to say, or what to do with those of us who are brilliant and filled with purpose, willing to work hard and make a difference, but can’t seem to get a leg up (and don’t want a handout).

I’m tired of being told to ‘not talk about negative things,’ or ‘just be positive’  or ‘you can find the money’ when you’re drowning in negative challenges, knocked down by the elephant in the room. (It’s not that that being positive isn’t a Truth, it’s that it can be Really Hard to make lemonade when you are being knocked over with thousands of lemons coming at you all at once. YES, thanks! We can all make lemonade, but first we need to get on our feet, get organized and gather our tools.)

I’m HEARTSICK watching people being crushed under the tides of change. I know how hard it is to see the silver lining when the storms are bearing down on you, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. (Did I mention my bankruptcy last Spring? Did I mention my home is in foreclosure? That’s only two challenges I face at the moment). I GET IT. I’M LIVING IT.

I’m tired of hearing “You need to find a way!” without any seriously constructive ideas or ACTIONS to take in order to do that.

I’m tired witnessing the unspoken shame (and even anger) that so many are needlessly carrying right now, because they fear they’ve let their family down…
Or even worse, their True Self. The You inside that knows what you are here for, that knows how wonderful You are, the True Self – your unshakable soul – that wants to see You take off like a rocket ship in your life, whatever that means for You. The True Self that knows where your beauty + excellence is tucked safely away, biding its time until YOU step out of the trenches.

So: what are you and I going to DO about it? Are we going to sit here in the trenches and whine? Are we going to lie down in the mud and hope the sun will come another day? Are we going to wait for our inner unshakable soul to finally give in and save us? (Hint: the unshakable soul in you is waiting for YOU to step up, my friend. You’re the crucial part of the equation.)

This is where you scream: NO WAY! (Do it now, or I’m sending the Honey Badger over to kick your arse!)

WHAT are you waiting for? WHO are you waiting for? WHY are you waiting?

The What: actions to take
The Who: your unshakable soul
The Why: clarity to create momentum

Stay tuned. We’re going to rock the heck out of Challenge + Change. Together. You are not alone, my friend. We’re going to get into every angle of how to be your own port in the storm.

You and me, we’re going to SOAR outta these trenches. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to show the world what I’m made of. You with me?

“BE the new economy” –Christine Kane

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salvaged letters: The Ride of Your Life? Your personal invitation to party at the Apolcalypse…

Have you heard? People have been talking about it everywhere. They chuckle by the water cooler at work, gossip over fences in small towns, whisper between friends having tea. What’s it about — ending the war (which one)? The struggling economy? Polar bears and climate change? Devastating weather, strange natural events? Is it the Age of Aquarius or … the end of any age as we know it?

It’s the New Year, filled with apocalyptic tidings: 2012 is right around the corner. And a lot of people want to focus on how negative it’s going to be. (I’m thinking I need a surfboard and some new dancing shoes.)

If you think about it,  it seems like culturally we go through cycles of obsessing about humanity’s tragic demise pretty regular (remember the movie to commemorate the coming year, 2012? Before that it was Y2K, what about Hayley’s Comet? …). And so here we are, finally on the edge of all that SHIFT we’ve being hearing about: yet another end of the world as we know it is coming on fast and hard. (Cue freaky muzak.)

Regardless of whether it is just time marching on, or if we are now well under way with the dawning of a new era, historically certain moments seem more aligned with some kind of mystical portent than others; that sense of synchronicity or kismet when the world shifts irrevocably and we define ourselves based on who we were before that moment, and Who We Are forever after. While history is full of tales about countless chances for change that show up all the time — some moments truly do just seem to glow more brightly than others, yes? To spark the flames of revolution more deeply and promise a true evolution in consciousness, not just casual change.

Yup: whether you party with Practicals, or dance with the Woo Ninjas under the New Moon, we can all pretty much agree with Bob Dylan that the times, they are a changin’.

> > >

Some time ago I heard the term chaotic nodes and  given the current challenging times, I was intrigued. I searched around a bit, and found a transcript of channeled information that mentioned such things. This is from Tom Kenyon, as channeled by the “Hathors,” whom Mr. Kenyon has worked with since the 80’s. (Huh? Who? What? Yes, we’re talking channeled spirit guides. We can talk about channeling at another time, ‘kay? It’s a heated topic for some — my concern grows more from people relying on those who channel as some kind of guru, rather than cultivating their own inner divinity… The Temple of Apollo didn’t have Know Thy Guru/Channeler above the door for a reason, you know? That said, as a child I read the Seth Material and it changed my life. Remember, a good channeler/priestess or priest of such arts will strive to bring you into your connection with divinity, not have you rely on them for it. And I’m assuming if you’re here you have an open mind — right? — even if this all sounds wacky at the moment.)

So look: I’m a fierce skeptic at heart. Even with the ability to be Queen of Kung Fu Woo, I keep my feet firmly on the ground. I make sure that I get a full dose of Practical along with my Woo Fu everyday (they both throw awesome parties, by the way!). Nonetheless, I don’t allow it to keep me from using my trusted (and hard-won) soul discernment when a bell rings true. I wandered around Kenyon’s site and found his sound gifts to be intriguing and deeply moving. His sacred toning comes from what I call, through my mystic spyglass, that Great Cosmic Goodness Party which all souls pour forth from. I’ve had strange + wonderful visitations to this place over the years, in particular during a Life Between Lives session where I got to hang out with the infinite orchestras of the Universe, the pure vibration of all that is created or in potential. (And it rocked, y’all. And yes, we are One. And YUP, that One = LOVE. Plain and simple.)

But more to the point, this article addresses what everyone is humming about: one of those never-turn-back, evolutionary and mythic moments in history is welling up all around us, right now.

We live in the oft quoted auspicious times. I think this is pretty amazing and exciting! We are alive at a time when old structures are coming undone — and you and I have the honor to help create what will be the future. Together. Wow. Pretty Heady Stuff, eh?

But wait, you say. No matter how poetic I may try to paint it, massive shifts in our world tend to bring with them turmoil, death, confusion, odd natural disasters, war. Absolutely, this is true. So true that I firmly believe we can’t escape this fact — and really, doesn’t life include all of this, anyway? Consider that being present here and now also includes being a sacred witness to the entire process, not just the payoff with unicorns + rainbows. As I tell my kids, we do what we must so that we can have what we want. (Bill Cosby said that by the way.)

Yes, history has proven that the ride can be unsettling or frightening. Chaotic. People get caught up in the fear of it all –understandably – and seek to blame, to deny or even punish one another, comforting themselves by imagining who is worthy enough to survive or not. But the real issue at hand is not whether this is the end of time, who can be blamed or who is good enough to escape the guillotine. Or even who is ‘lighter’ than others, or who is in denial.

Rather, the deeper question is: when chaos reigns, how will you ride?

Will you be a reflection of Love and Courage, or Criticism and Apathy? Can you see a time of chaos as an opportunity for growth instead of a time for fear?

For most persons, chaotic events generate a fear response, since the stability that one counts on to predict appropriate action has seemingly disappeared. And while fear is certainly an understandable response, it is only one of many possible responses. Thus, we encourage you to train your mind to jump out of the habitual rut of self-limitation and expectation, on a moment’s notice, whenever confronted with unexpected events.

From an energetic standpoint, what happens to you in a given situation has more to do with your vibrational frequency, meaning the state of your consciousness, than where you are physically located. — The Hathors (emphasis mine)

They say the night is always darkest before the dawn, and living here on Earth we cycle through such auspicious times again and again. So I don’t see this shift as the ‘ultimate’ or the ‘end’ but as yet another really fantastic moment in a glorious strand of consciousness, moments that come together and create a many-faceted jewel of Awakening that rests on the breast of God Herself (there I go, getting carried away painting pictures with words again… oooooh, but isn’t She lovely?). It isn’t that I don’t feel fear, or even that I never give in to its seductive wiles. It’s that I choose, over and over, to focus my energy somewhere else that will better serve my Self and my sacred family (hello! That’s you, every one of you! Because I’m on a mission to help ya’ polish the diamond hiding in your pocket). When I see turmoil, when I feel drawn to fear I consciously choose to expand instead of retract. I set my mind’s eye on freshly tilled soil that yields to the seed, on offering space for that seed to find the catalyst necessary in order to burst + freakin’ bloom in all it’s glory.

Each of us have a choice as to how we want to exist here and now, just as clearly as we chose to incarnate here in this accelerated time of change and growth (if you subscribe to that kinda thing, which obviously I do).

We have a choice, at every given moment, of how we choose to move through life: either in reverence for all … or making labels, pointing fingers and creating walls.

Feed your soul and nourish your relationships, instead of fueling your ego with the superficial and toxic. Take a deep breath and balance in the center, find the pearls of joy in the mundane magic of the everyday. Ride the wave, don’t try to control it. In this way chaos becomes an awesome party where we can all pahr-tay! after a hard day’s work.

So yeah, that’s right. 2012 is the end of a paradigm — and a reason to throw one heckuva party. You and I, we each have a choice to seize the moment and dance at the Awakening Shin-dig, and it’s gonna be awesome. Life is a party or a prison, it’s your decision. Make your choice, and stick to it!

After all, it always ends in the beginning.

Your culture hypnotizes you into believing that you must have a reason to feel joy or appreciation, but we say to you as spiritual masters, you have the ability to create this response regardless of what is happening around you. In other words, you do not need a reason to feel joy or appreciation. If you train yourself to move into, and live in,this vibratory realm, you will pass through the coming chaotic times with a great degree of mastery,heightened intuition and unexpected serendipity. — The Hathors

And just how is your vibe, anyway? Where you are at with your spiritual vitality — your unique vibrational frequency —  is just as important in your daily life as your physical, emotional and mental states.  It can also make or break how you ride that wave. Are you feeling like you’ve got coal in your pocket but just know there’s a diamond hidden within? Do you need some clarity and support? I’ve got a big ol’ torch in hand to help illuminate your highest potential. 

[ This article was originally published in The Isis Scrolls back in 2009; it has been magically altered and tossed in glitter for it’s new home here,  enjoy! ]

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