Tales from the Other World: Waiting to Arrive

These tales are often whimsy, sometimes somber. An attempt to turn things we take for granted or assume to be ‘how it is’ on their heads. Yo may laugh, you may get uncomfortable, you just might change your mind or open a door. An ongoing series…


“Look… I just feel that I’m ready. It’s time.” Soul 320 focused on gathering herself up tall, keeping her colors bright and clear, regardless of the hesitation in her voice.

“I understand, 320. I truly do.” Azeez cleared his ancient throat. He pushed aside his growing irritation – how many times had he seen this? He had only been supervisor of Life Exit Plans for what, 47,8oo cycles now? But was already tired of this specific urgency in the Younger Souls. With a deep breath, he readied himself for the inevitable resistance to come.

“Look. I realize that you may feel ready -”

“Yes, I do! Honestly? I’m so tired of being a stone, or a worm. ”

Azeez leaned back and waited because he knew it was coming. His client’s energetic form began to undulate with waves across her oval head, a human face emerging and retreating. You could always tell a Younger Soul because they spent so much time practicing in anticipation, wanting to show off new skills learned on Earth. Azeez, however, was not impressed. It was his job not to be, after all.

And…one…two…three… there it was! The Soul 320 suddenly flashed a complete human face with a distinct eye roll and a sheepish, pleading grin. Azeez cleared his throat again and leaned back in his chair. It was going to be a long day.

“Nonetheless, your book here does not reflect sufficient comprehension of these states of incarnation in Earthly elements for you to move on to the more complex ones.”

Soul 320 at least had the decency to look a bit humbled and confused, if not slightly intrigued by that comment.

“I… I just don’t see how that is possible! I served as a powerful amulet on more than one occasion, for at least…”, she paused dramatically to count the cycles, “…5 lifetimes! Certainly that counts for something! I was not some passive river rock that laid around in the creek bed! I was able to imbue myself with necessary qualities that offered great assistance to the person who found me! I…I was leader of at least 20 Ant colonies! I…”

“And I show here that you did very well in regard to each of your manifestations so far. But you can’t possibly think that 5 lifetimes, even as a stone or ant of great worth-” and here Azeez drew the word out long and with emphasis in hopes this precocious Young Soul might catch on as to her sheer ignorance of the process, “is grounds enough for moving into human form? Your Guide has been incredibly misleading to you, I fear, if this is so.”

Soul 320 was fidgeting, her colors were growing muddy with every passing moment. She was clearly having trouble holding her space. Azeez couldn’t help it, he had to ask.

“Who is your Guide, then?”

“Portia.” Soul 320 said with a perk to her voice, and a bit too presumptuous.

Ha! Of course, moaned Azeez to himself. Portia. A loose cannon if ever there was one, Azeez knew from personal experience Portia’s lack of attention to details and deviant behavior that was glorified by the Younger Souls. By the Gods, how did that little rebel imp ever get promoted to Guide status? Azeez chose to act instead as if it was inconsequential.

“Soul 320, I declare for you the manifestation of …” there was a slight pause, to denote the seriousness of this decree, “…a Christmas Tree.” Glancing up, he wasn’t surprised to see the sparks of frustration spitting off of Soul 320. “Get a hold of yourself, 320. And here, you need to read up on this, apparently. Maybe you and Portia can read it to one another.” Azeez leaned over and pulled off the shelf Practices in the Arte of Sacrifice and Surrender for Trees, Plants, Rhizomes and More! on Planet Earth: Vol. I. It was thick and quite heavy, and landed with a massive thump on the table between them.

“And if you are very lucky, you may end up in the home of a family that has children, so as to benefit from the magic of their wishes and blessings.”

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