How are you?

Night Porch
Originally uploaded by rossaroni

I’m well – “keeping up” as someone I know likes to say. I have so much I want to share with you, anecdotes and tales of truth and ponderous thoughts. The problem is, you see, that these walls are so confining, this structure so misleading to convey that which is only found within the heart.

And to sit here and try to state with certainty what is breaking open within produces some kind of torture, you know?

Yes. I can tell you that my heart is ripping open and obliterating my mind and soothing my soul and it is the most painful, gorgeous ritual of … Look! Turn your eyes and open your soul to the world outside, beyond these walls … and let it rush into you.

No, I can’t explain – don’t you see?! The words will lead you away from the rapture and anguish! Trust me! You’ve got to get out there… you’ve got to run wild and ride the winds… you’ve got to taste the poison that will free you, alone, amidst the chaos, under that street light just over there…Look! Did you see that? It’s time! Hurry!

[sound of screen door, slapping in the in breeze…]

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