Herbs by Properties

Antispasmodic: Leonurus Cardiaca

Anti-rheumatic: Leonurus Cardiaca

Astringent: Leonurus Cardiaca

Carminitive: Leonurus Cardiaca

Diaphoretic: Leonurus Cardiaca

Diuretic: Leonurus Cardiaca

Emmenagogue: Leonurus Cardiaca

Heart (cardiac) tonic: Leonurus Cardiaca

Nervine: Leonurus Cardiaca

Tonic: Leonurus Cardiaca

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4 Responses to Herbs by Properties

  1. Karen Sharp says:

    Oh, absolutely yes, on Motherwort. She heals me just by being around me, let alone in tea. I keep some Motherwort herb in a little bottle I carry around with me, as a reminder of the infinite depths of richness, grace, nurturance and love.

  2. Genevieve says:

    I Love Motherwort…and she loves me!

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