Stand Tall, Mama.

I came across a powerful site today, with a message to our young women (and men!) of tomorrow’s world. Thing is – for those of us who set the table at night, we are setting the stage for their future as well. And this manifesto here  is a feast.

And whether you are setting the table for yourself or those in your care, when we nurture ourselves with things like responsibility in right relationship, a mindful attitude and mutual support that does not debase our individuality, we grow strong and tall. Even better: we are rooted yet supple and able to respond instead of react.This is the essence of having an unshakable soul.

What’s your manifesto, Mama? Share it with us in the comments. Let’s kindle the fires for one another.

Check it out: Awakening Women with Chameli Ardagh.

The trust between women is deeply interconnected with our trust of the feminine itself.

Awakening Women Sisterhood Manifesto

– I commit to be honest and straight with you

– I commit to take responsibility for my self

– I will ask for support when I need it

– I will ask for alone time when I need it, and it means nothing personal to you

– I will not try to fix you

– I will listen to you

– I will keep what you share confidential and not gossip about it

– I will not speak negatively about you to others

– I will celebrate your unique beauty and gifts

– I will not hold my self back to fit in and I will support you in doing the same

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