Entering the Fray; or, as they say in Ireland: “all roads lead to home”

There’s this blog contest going on over at the site Circle of Moms. I was a bit fascinated to see the main players polarizing into two camps: Christian and Pagan, with maybe one or two Jewish blogs when I first looked. Why is that? There are quite a few world religions out there, but apparently Christians and Pagans are the ones most likely to blog. After all these centuries, these two still go head-to-head. And I gather Pagans were winning and this was causing a bit of a blog-o’scandal. At the heart of which is a woman named Julie.

I got pretty fired up and inspired reading Julie’s post – a Christian, and my new heroine – wherein she stood up and owned being a lover of Jesus with her amazing capacity to live by what I understand the heart of his teachings to be (hint: compassion). In her post here, she embodies his Truth and his message. Even though she had “hate and fear in her heart.” ‘Cause Julie rolls like that. (You go, woman!) In terms of speaking one’s truth, Julie puts me to shame; I felt embarrassed & called out for all the times that I let my fear get the best of me and held my tongue.

This is powerful stuff, people – Love. Honor. Compassion. No matter the odds. No matter what someone else dictates to you (and in truth, ALL religions dictate codes to various degrees), standing up and loving thy neighbor. Or what I call the other.

There’s a serious need for loving the other in today’s crazy-pants world– and that’s what happens when we refuse to respect other religions or spiritual paths. We create others that we can elevate ourselves above. It looks dangerous up there on those self-made pedestals. But then I’m scared of heights — too easy to lose your balance. And there’s been many times I was so afraid I might find myself stuck on a pedestal with others I didn’t respect, that I just shut up (note to self: which is really just another form of othering, yes?). And there’s been many times now, with hindsight, that I was wrong. When a fear of heights kept me from possibly, maybe, being an agent of change, of compassion; and it sure looks like we need that more than ever these days. Which brings me back to this crazy-pants world, and everybody saying we just need to tolerate one another.

I think tolerance is the coward’s way out. (Yeah, I said it.) To grit your teeth and just tolerate what others believe is one step short of the courage to actually engage with and understand them. At it’s core, tolerance lacks compassion, which is why it doesn’t work. And there’s a reason that all religions have an ethic of compassion at their core. Author Karen Armstrong nails it in her recent article at Shambala Sun magazine: there’s something wrong with your spirituality if it doesn’t manifest in practical compassion. (While I’m lecturing you, go read that article. It’s a masterpiece).

I wanted to quote something pithy from Julie’s post, but it’s just too good to parse out (say that five times fast after a 3 AM feeding ;>). As someone that deeply loves the human divine, each and every one of us stumbling towards ecstasy here on Earth, I’m darn proud of this fellow mama. With all of my passionate, Jesus-loving, Hinduish-Buddhist-Witchy-ShamanMedicineMystic-Mama-Goddess-Yogini, Soul.

I’m not picky about how you surrender to the Great Love, just want to bear witness and cheer you on.

Oh, and if you’re feeling feisty vote for me at Circle of Moms. I figured I’d enter the fray and take a stand for all us mystic mama’s out there, traveling by so many seemingly different roads but all heading for home. Better yet, leave a comment here or sign up and let’s get to know one another.

If you resonate with the mystic path and are a mother, join us! You are not alone; let’s talk. I don’t share or sell info, ever, this is just for us mystic mama’s. Articles, interviews, discussions and more, all with a purpose: to support one another as we journey deeper, farther, further into divine awareness.

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8 Responses to Entering the Fray; or, as they say in Ireland: “all roads lead to home”

  1. Labrys says:

    I love the idea of embracing the other, and understanding oneself. I was a mystic in the Christian phase of my life-journey, and now in the pagan phase as well.

    I think common sense, practicality, and compassion are necessary to fight the real banes of the world: ignorance and poverty.

  2. Valerie says:

    Hi there 🙂 I just wanted to put in that Julie wasn’t part of the scandal, she was part of the solution to the problem ❤ I've written to her myself and I was truly touched by what she had to write. I'm a pagan mommy, and I've been voting for her daily. I don't want to name the lady whose post started the whole thing into the scandal, because whatever she did, I don't want to give her more attention. I like learning about other beliefs, and because of Julie, I actually unpacked my Bible. It's better to learn than to stay angry because of a handful of mean people. In the process I found my book called "Embracing Jesus and the Goddess: a radical call for spiritual sanity." I think I might read it. Okay I'm rambling now. Have a great day and I enjoyed your blog. I wish I'd seen it sooner, I would have added you to my list of blogs I'm voting for!

  3. Just found this post from my stats…I am your heroine?? Oh my word, you have GOT to be kidding me! I am a shunned, underdog of a Jesus freak!
    And gotta tell you- I have LOTS of issues!
    And to think that a bunch of most remarkable witches ( Can I call you that, I have no idea what to call you, forgive me) thinks I am a hero when those who I served alongside in church, my pastor and fellow sisters in Jesus have destroyed me because refused to be in bondage to legalism blows my mind.
    This is by far is beyond bizarre.
    And can I tell you dear friend- I love, love, LOVE your writing style- it rocks!
    Love you!

    • P.S. Forgive me- my grammar and spelling are horrific- haven’t slept in 3 days. I really can string two sentences together. Really, I can. (=

    • Kimberely says:

      Well hello, Miss Julie!
      Hey, we all have lots of issues, right?! ;> I can only speak for myself — if one calls me “witch” then they must also call me Mystic, Jesus-lover, Medicine Woman, Buddhist… dishwasher, laundry-wrangler, devoted wife, loving mother… ;>. Divine soul in a human body? The labels become excuses, unfortunately.

      I gather there are a lot of women out there who think you are pretty awesome right about now; and I’m sorry, it sounds like you’ve been through an ordeal.

      And thanks for the kudos, I struggle with writing though I love it. You’re not so bad yourself, beloved mama! Look forward to reading more!

  4. Naomi J says:

    OK, was signed in wrong just now – don’t approve that comment – it’s by the ‘other me’! 😉

    Trying again… I have seen the Mystic Mama project, but I am not a Mama, alas – maybe I will be one day! 🙂 It looks like a great project.

  5. Julie is my new hero too! What an incredible way to respond. I wish I had that much love in my heart.

    • Kimberely says:

      Hi Julie – It’s in there somewhere! [checking under rug, bed…] I continue to be inspired by her. Just awesome. (Hey, did you check out the Mystic Mama Project? Love your blog = God Sophia; Yes! Thnx for stopping by!)

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