Heads Up: on greatness, sound + fury (and the Stones)

[ Heads Up is a new series, that hit me smack between the eyes as I was musing over little things to share in between amazing, articulate posts that will change your world & make you want to get up and freakin’ LIVE.  These are mini-posts, riffing off sudden inspiration: from silly commentary on this crazy-pants world to sudden flashes of deep insight, meaningful awareness or profound stupidity (hey, stick around — I can spin anything into gold!). Let’s stumble along together….quotes will often be included because I’m a quote queen. ]

So what about those times when someone is driving you nuts, steppin’ on your cloud, blockin’ your sun? You know, those crappy moments when you’re suddenly so fed up you could just scream? When you’re over-the-top frustrated with someone who just doesn’t get it? Or rather — just doesn’t get YOU, and you’re fantastic awesome self (!). You wish they’d wake up and realize what you’ve got to offer — or just get out of the way, already. The moment when you find that little voice in your head screaming:

Damn it! Why won’t you just let me be great!

(Of course there are countless variations on this, be creative. But it usually involves thinking someone else is in your way. Maybe you don’t use damn, you can insert something more colorful here; I know I do.)

When I see this thought dancing across the movie in my mind, I know I need to pay attention. It’s a big ol’ red flag for me. It’s the neon sign of a fool’s sound + fury attempting to be significant. This is my ego’s way of trying to seduce me into mediocrity, to pass the blame onto somebody else for my inability to say what I want, mean what I want, write what I want, take a stand for what I want. To express myself fully and completely. It’s a reminder that I’m not owning Who I Am.

The truth is, being “great” — whatever that means to you — has nothing to do with anyone else.  So when that kind of banter shows up, take note: it’s a signal to get off your own cloud. It’s a heads up we’re blocking our own (inner) fire. It has everything to do with getting one’s own ass outta the way, not someone else’s.

It has everything to do with believing in yourself, and stepping up for your own needs, wants + desires.

So these times — this heads up, a wink from the Universe — can be a trap or a gift. The beauty is, we have a choice as soon as we pay attention and own it in the moment.

What’s that little voice say to you? What’s your ‘red flag’ that you are looking for someone else to validate your “greatness”? Do you find yourself wondering just how the heck to find that elusive ‘belief’ in yourself?

Would you like some help figuring it out? I can do that. Let’s work together.

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