salvaged letters: The Ride of Your Life? Your personal invitation to party at the Apolcalypse…

Have you heard? People have been talking about it everywhere. They chuckle by the water cooler at work, gossip over fences in small towns, whisper between friends having tea. What’s it about — ending the war (which one)? The struggling economy? Polar bears and climate change? Devastating weather, strange natural events? Is it the Age of Aquarius or … the end of any age as we know it?

It’s the New Year, filled with apocalyptic tidings: 2012 is right around the corner. And a lot of people want to focus on how negative it’s going to be. (I’m thinking I need a surfboard and some new dancing shoes.)

If you think about it,  it seems like culturally we go through cycles of obsessing about humanity’s tragic demise pretty regular (remember the movie to commemorate the coming year, 2012? Before that it was Y2K, what about Hayley’s Comet? …). And so here we are, finally on the edge of all that SHIFT we’ve being hearing about: yet another end of the world as we know it is coming on fast and hard. (Cue freaky muzak.)

Regardless of whether it is just time marching on, or if we are now well under way with the dawning of a new era, historically certain moments seem more aligned with some kind of mystical portent than others; that sense of synchronicity or kismet when the world shifts irrevocably and we define ourselves based on who we were before that moment, and Who We Are forever after. While history is full of tales about countless chances for change that show up all the time — some moments truly do just seem to glow more brightly than others, yes? To spark the flames of revolution more deeply and promise a true evolution in consciousness, not just casual change.

Yup: whether you party with Practicals, or dance with the Woo Ninjas under the New Moon, we can all pretty much agree with Bob Dylan that the times, they are a changin’.

> > >

Some time ago I heard the term chaotic nodes and  given the current challenging times, I was intrigued. I searched around a bit, and found a transcript of channeled information that mentioned such things. This is from Tom Kenyon, as channeled by the “Hathors,” whom Mr. Kenyon has worked with since the 80’s. (Huh? Who? What? Yes, we’re talking channeled spirit guides. We can talk about channeling at another time, ‘kay? It’s a heated topic for some — my concern grows more from people relying on those who channel as some kind of guru, rather than cultivating their own inner divinity… The Temple of Apollo didn’t have Know Thy Guru/Channeler above the door for a reason, you know? That said, as a child I read the Seth Material and it changed my life. Remember, a good channeler/priestess or priest of such arts will strive to bring you into your connection with divinity, not have you rely on them for it. And I’m assuming if you’re here you have an open mind — right? — even if this all sounds wacky at the moment.)

So look: I’m a fierce skeptic at heart. Even with the ability to be Queen of Kung Fu Woo, I keep my feet firmly on the ground. I make sure that I get a full dose of Practical along with my Woo Fu everyday (they both throw awesome parties, by the way!). Nonetheless, I don’t allow it to keep me from using my trusted (and hard-won) soul discernment when a bell rings true. I wandered around Kenyon’s site and found his sound gifts to be intriguing and deeply moving. His sacred toning comes from what I call, through my mystic spyglass, that Great Cosmic Goodness Party which all souls pour forth from. I’ve had strange + wonderful visitations to this place over the years, in particular during a Life Between Lives session where I got to hang out with the infinite orchestras of the Universe, the pure vibration of all that is created or in potential. (And it rocked, y’all. And yes, we are One. And YUP, that One = LOVE. Plain and simple.)

But more to the point, this article addresses what everyone is humming about: one of those never-turn-back, evolutionary and mythic moments in history is welling up all around us, right now.

We live in the oft quoted auspicious times. I think this is pretty amazing and exciting! We are alive at a time when old structures are coming undone — and you and I have the honor to help create what will be the future. Together. Wow. Pretty Heady Stuff, eh?

But wait, you say. No matter how poetic I may try to paint it, massive shifts in our world tend to bring with them turmoil, death, confusion, odd natural disasters, war. Absolutely, this is true. So true that I firmly believe we can’t escape this fact — and really, doesn’t life include all of this, anyway? Consider that being present here and now also includes being a sacred witness to the entire process, not just the payoff with unicorns + rainbows. As I tell my kids, we do what we must so that we can have what we want. (Bill Cosby said that by the way.)

Yes, history has proven that the ride can be unsettling or frightening. Chaotic. People get caught up in the fear of it all –understandably – and seek to blame, to deny or even punish one another, comforting themselves by imagining who is worthy enough to survive or not. But the real issue at hand is not whether this is the end of time, who can be blamed or who is good enough to escape the guillotine. Or even who is ‘lighter’ than others, or who is in denial.

Rather, the deeper question is: when chaos reigns, how will you ride?

Will you be a reflection of Love and Courage, or Criticism and Apathy? Can you see a time of chaos as an opportunity for growth instead of a time for fear?

For most persons, chaotic events generate a fear response, since the stability that one counts on to predict appropriate action has seemingly disappeared. And while fear is certainly an understandable response, it is only one of many possible responses. Thus, we encourage you to train your mind to jump out of the habitual rut of self-limitation and expectation, on a moment’s notice, whenever confronted with unexpected events.

From an energetic standpoint, what happens to you in a given situation has more to do with your vibrational frequency, meaning the state of your consciousness, than where you are physically located. — The Hathors (emphasis mine)

They say the night is always darkest before the dawn, and living here on Earth we cycle through such auspicious times again and again. So I don’t see this shift as the ‘ultimate’ or the ‘end’ but as yet another really fantastic moment in a glorious strand of consciousness, moments that come together and create a many-faceted jewel of Awakening that rests on the breast of God Herself (there I go, getting carried away painting pictures with words again… oooooh, but isn’t She lovely?). It isn’t that I don’t feel fear, or even that I never give in to its seductive wiles. It’s that I choose, over and over, to focus my energy somewhere else that will better serve my Self and my sacred family (hello! That’s you, every one of you! Because I’m on a mission to help ya’ polish the diamond hiding in your pocket). When I see turmoil, when I feel drawn to fear I consciously choose to expand instead of retract. I set my mind’s eye on freshly tilled soil that yields to the seed, on offering space for that seed to find the catalyst necessary in order to burst + freakin’ bloom in all it’s glory.

Each of us have a choice as to how we want to exist here and now, just as clearly as we chose to incarnate here in this accelerated time of change and growth (if you subscribe to that kinda thing, which obviously I do).

We have a choice, at every given moment, of how we choose to move through life: either in reverence for all … or making labels, pointing fingers and creating walls.

Feed your soul and nourish your relationships, instead of fueling your ego with the superficial and toxic. Take a deep breath and balance in the center, find the pearls of joy in the mundane magic of the everyday. Ride the wave, don’t try to control it. In this way chaos becomes an awesome party where we can all pahr-tay! after a hard day’s work.

So yeah, that’s right. 2012 is the end of a paradigm — and a reason to throw one heckuva party. You and I, we each have a choice to seize the moment and dance at the Awakening Shin-dig, and it’s gonna be awesome. Life is a party or a prison, it’s your decision. Make your choice, and stick to it!

After all, it always ends in the beginning.

Your culture hypnotizes you into believing that you must have a reason to feel joy or appreciation, but we say to you as spiritual masters, you have the ability to create this response regardless of what is happening around you. In other words, you do not need a reason to feel joy or appreciation. If you train yourself to move into, and live in,this vibratory realm, you will pass through the coming chaotic times with a great degree of mastery,heightened intuition and unexpected serendipity. — The Hathors

And just how is your vibe, anyway? Where you are at with your spiritual vitality — your unique vibrational frequency —  is just as important in your daily life as your physical, emotional and mental states.  It can also make or break how you ride that wave. Are you feeling like you’ve got coal in your pocket but just know there’s a diamond hidden within? Do you need some clarity and support? I’ve got a big ol’ torch in hand to help illuminate your highest potential. 

[ This article was originally published in The Isis Scrolls back in 2009; it has been magically altered and tossed in glitter for it’s new home here,  enjoy! ]

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  1. >Very nicely said. I would say more, but you've laid it out so nicely, I wouldn't want disturb the swell.

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