About & Contact

I am a natural intuitive, spiritual instigator and professional herbalist who inspires others to live a life of dignity & passion, no matter the odds.  I am often described as being tenacious and unfailingly optimistic, a mystic who sees the magic in everyday moments while keeping my feet firmly on the ground in practical reality. (You need to eat and pay the bills after all, even while you cruise the cosmos.)

I believe  integrity & honor, beauty & passion  are the bedrock of an amazing life. I have worn many hats and relate well to the various paths we travel in order to provide, survive and thrive – which helps me to relate and listen compassionately in regard to your life’s challenges. I’ve served time in the cubicle,  I’ve soaked my feet after hours on end in the world of retail;  I’ve owned my own business and lost it. I’ve volunteered through hospice; I was honored to be an aide for a paraplegic who schooled me about what it really takes to be joyful and kind…and brave (you know what? it’ s easier than we think).  I have wandered into dark and scary places within and had to dig myself out (that’s a nice way of saying addiction, depression sucks, right?!).  I’ve danced on table tops and walked the edge of seriously bad choices – even dangerous ones – and come out the other side. I’ve loved intensely and lost more than once, finally rewarded with the Real Thing, complete with white fence and beautiful babies (and a few chickens & goats to boot).

Meanwhile, I forged my way through the jungle of the soul to find what treasures and tools lie there for us all to benefit from. I want to help you realize your Highest Potential, to share with you what I know so you can get there. And once there, not just survive but thrive.

I’ve been a serious soul seeker since I was a child, with over 20 years practicing in various alternative transformational modalities from meditation to energetics, ritual to good ol’ fashioned hard work. I also hold a BA, Magna Cum Laude, from John F Kennedy University, 1999 (a pioneer in consciousness studies and holistic health); and am a graduate of the Northwest School of Botanical Studies, Professional/Clinical Herbalist Program, 2001. The tales on how I earned my mystic degree on the shamanic path are best told by firelight…

You are someone that shows up ready to dive deep, prepared to engage with me as we consecrate Who You Are. I work well with those who are dedicated to walking their talk and owning their truth, no matter how challenging it gets. We may stumble and struggle on our way, but it is the act of getting up and hanging in there together that brings the treasured results of your personal revolution: an unshakable soul.

Ready? It’s time to consecrate Who You Are in this world.

Please see my services & fees for more info.

Email me at unshakablesoul (at) gmail.com
Call me at 707-497-4526, leave a message and I will get back to you


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