Here’s How I May Be Able to Help You

In the rush of today’s world, many of us have fallen out of sync and may feel ‘shut off’ from our intuitive guidance or life-purpose, or disconnected from the natural world in general. We may be burdened by unresolved events in our lives, or by defense mechanisms we created long ago that no longer serve us. The result, often even for those of us who feel successful by society’s standards, is that the wholeness that is our birthright has somehow been lost or seems to be locked behind closed doors.

At best we may be searching for direction. At worst, we experience deep discord in our lives, what is known traditionally as soul fragmentation or soul loss. Such a “loss” can make us ineffective in our day-to-day lives, put us in a state of chronic dis-ease, and even cause us to perpetually choose negative relationships or addictions. In some cases, a person may have actively tried very hard to move past these kinds of issues—and yet, even after long-term therapy or medications, and even some wonderful breakthroughs along the way, has not been able to find release and move on. This is usually as sign that something deeper is at hand.

These various imbalances and complexes we experience are forms of soul sickness. Such symptoms are the psyche’s and body’s way of expressing a need for awareness and change. If you feel stuck in such a pattern, if you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions, I  can help you find the vital keys for unlocking your true potential.

Whatever has drawn you here, the most important initial step towards any worthwhile shift in your life is the acknowledgement that you wish to experience a change, and move toward your highest potential. This starts with simply feeling better able to rise up each day and meet the challenges of your modern life.  If you feel that you are ready to move forward in self-awareness and overall well-being, please contact me. I am honored to work with you and support your process as you illuminate your Truth.

I may be able to help you if you experience any of the following, and more:

–       Unusual physical ailments that cannot be explained and linger, or ‘show up’ again and again   during certain times in your life

–       A sense of unexplainable loss, sorrow, or confusion in your life

–       Feeling ‘trapped, ‘empty, ‘unable to focus’, or anything along these lines – a general sense of being stagnant

–       A habit of inappropriate relationships with others, maybe you feel you always ‘give to much’ or others ‘take to much’ from you

–       Feeling as if you are pressured or stressed out too much, can’t handle life in general

–       Odd visitations in dreams or by day, leaving you feeling confused or uneasy

–       A feeling of being ‘not right’ or being all that you know you are capable of

–       Things always seemingly going wrong, from accidents to strange mishaps or mis-communication, over and over

–        An inability to have lasting or valuable friendships or relationship with others

–        Feeling watched or a sense of strange presence that distracts and bothers you

–        A unique event in your life that feels as if it needs special attention, or that you wish to honor but don’t know where to start

–        A desire for someone to listen and support you through blind spots in your life, or to challenge and honor shifts already occurring

Changes in your life you may find from our work together may include:

–        A renewed passion for life, family, your work or creative endeavors

–        A sense of clarity and drive

–        Release from chronic or acute ailments that previously would not heal

–        Freedom from complexes, addictions, or negative behaviors that previously inhibited you from   moving forward in your life

–       A new-found sense of connection to the natural world, enriching your engagement and daily experience

–       Freedom from negative energies or entities that had intruded, affecting your overall well-being

–       Feeling safe or at home, in your life or  in your body overall

–       New tools to help you in your every day life and that support your continued well-being

Things to Know About Energetic Healing
Some people may feel various effects from a session, ranging from tingling in the body to nausea, feeling clear and energized or temporarily fatigued or frustrated – the integration is a very individual process. It is important to understand that we are working with subtle energetic levels much of the time, and integrating aspects that sometimes have been out of accord for long stretches of time, in some instance for a lifetime or more. Therefore, the effects can vary wildly, however I am always here to discuss such events with you and support your process in any way possible.

Disclaimers and Qualifiers
I am not a medical doctor or therapist, nor are any of the processes, rituals, guidance or herbal remedies that I recommend or create meant to take the place of your primary health care provider’s recommendations, nor are they approved by the FDA. You will be asked to sign a waiver at the time of our meeting. Should you have any questions or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to discuss them with me.

Some of the issues or ailments in your life may also be signs of serious mental crisis that require the attention of a professional therapist or doctor and are beyond the scope of what we can address together. If you are under the care of a therapist or mental health specialist, or under medication, you must share this information with me as some herbal remedies are contra-indicated with other prescription medications. In the case of emotional well-being, it is important that I know you are able to withstand and integrate the potential changes that shamanic healing may bring about in your life. I am happy to work closely with your health care provider, should that be necessary or requested and will also refer you to the appropriate provider as I deem necessary. I reserve the right to refuse or cease services at any time.

Knowledge is power. Please educate yourself and make conscious, educated decisions about your health and well-being.


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