I am your sacred catalyst. I am a practitioner who is committed to assisting a person’s most vital Self to awaken and thrive: bringing their body’s wisdom, psyche and Soul into extraordinary accord and awareness, creating a state of passionate equanimity.

My commitment is to help you find a state of dynamic well-being, to awaken and integrate essential aspects of your deepest intuition — your Soul — so you can fulfill a life of purpose, dignity, passion and self-expression. Together we will find the keys to initiate the transformation you seek in your life. This may include but not be limited to herbal therapeutics based on individual assessment, energetic clearing and balancing, soul retrieval and integration or past life processing, creating relationship with your Self and with nature through ritual, and more. We will move beyond addressing merely the symptoms and go directly to the root cause of your dis-ease or challenge. Ultimately, working together, we will seek to awaken the wholeness that is your birthright, and consecrate Who You Are. (It can get dark in there, digging for diamonds — but don’t worry. I’ve got a big ol’ torch and I’m not afraid to use it.)

My approaches include the following, however our process together is always informed by not only my knowledge and experience but also my intuitive guidance. No two sessions are ever the same, and I respond to what presents itself as most necessary at that time, always with your permission:

– Spiritual Guidance and Support (this can include active listening to fierce instigation, depending on what your state demands)

– Shamanic medicine, intuitive healing and guidance (this includes various modalities, including soul retrieval,  past life integration, flower essences, essential oils and more, as needed)

Herbal consultation and protocol (a fancy way of saying I provide custom blended tinctures and tisanes, based on individual assessment; and are usually reserved for in-person appts, with exceptions)

Energetic therapeutics (based upon what presents itself as necessary)

Some straight talk: I will not enable you, or create another version of co-dependency. I will not appease you or humor you, nor will I feed the behaviors that keep you from self-empowerment. I am committed to being a reflection of compassion and courage, honesty and inspiration and even a source of instigation, if need be. Our work together may range from exciting and immediate to soothing and serene — no two sessions are alike, due to the nature of this work.

 Kim is a wise, loving, and powerful healer – working with her has given me deeper insight into who I am, helped me resolve and release grief and pain I carried for a long time, and freed me to step forward to claim more of my own power.  You will benefit greatly from working with her!

~ Sean Donahue, Traditional Herbalist

> I offer a free 40 minute phone consultation, AWake Up Call, where we can get acquainted and discuss where you are now, what your challenges are — and where you want to BE. Please email unshakablesoul (at) or call me at 707-497-4526 to set up an appointment.

Please contact me for various packages that I offer, from an intro session to 3 and 6 months focus.

 If you have found yourself standing at Kim’s door count yourself as blessed. Honesty, integrity, passion, and hard work await you on the other side.  I don’t know you, or your story, how you came here, but I know Kim and she lives and breathes this stuff. She has pushed me and challenged me to live my authentic truth with kindness and love with a firm hand she has guided me back to myself and my truth.  I am grateful everyday that the universe brought me to her door. I am even more grateful that I had the courage to step through. Her light shines so bright her clients and students are all divinely inspired to live with honesty and integrity. If you are unsure about working with Kim, listen to your heart, if you can’t hear it Kim can help find your way back home. She is on a roll right now and I count myself blessed to be a part of her life and bask in her glow.
With Love – Rudy Heal


Recording and Long-Distance or Skype sessions. I am available for long-distance sessions and use either land line or skype. I will be offering recorded calls soon (update: coming this month, August 2011).


Are you ready? Let’s create your world.

You can reach me by email or phone:

Email me at unshakablesoul (at)
Or call me at 707-497-4526
I look forward to hearing from you.

All good things to you and yours,
In service,



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