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The Collapse of Your Economy: Stuck in the Trenches? Not If I Have Anything to Say About It!

Here’s the deal: I usually take an incredible amount of time to write my blog posts. This morning, I got so fired up about something that I blasted this out for you ‘live.’ Raw. Sleepy. Barely caffeinated. It all started … Continue reading

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Herbs by Properties

Antispasmodic: Leonurus Cardiaca Anti-rheumatic: Leonurus Cardiaca Astringent: Leonurus Cardiaca Carminitive: Leonurus Cardiaca Diaphoretic: Leonurus Cardiaca Diuretic: Leonurus Cardiaca Emmenagogue: Leonurus Cardiaca Heart (cardiac) tonic: Leonurus Cardiaca Nervine: Leonurus Cardiaca Tonic: Leonurus Cardiaca

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Materia Medica: Leonurus Cardiaca (Motherwort)

Latin name/family: Leonurus cardiaca, Labiatae mint family Habitat & Appearance: moist, disturbed areas; often will volunteer in gardens and take over; hardy plant — pink to white flowers above leaf nodes, leaves opposite w/ pointed lobes; resembles mugwort Parts used: … Continue reading

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Herbal Medicine: Is Elderberry safe to use for treating H1N1/H5N1?

The cytokine storm is an example of too much of a good thing. It’s a blizzard of signaling proteins called cytokines that is generated by various immune system cells as they coordinate an attack on an invading microorganism. But if … Continue reading

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