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The Collapse of Your Economy, Part II: wherein I’m cookin’ up a spaghetti Western with lemons, Clint Eastwood and the Three Amigos.

“It’s been driving me insane that so many entrepreneurials out there, the ‘self help gurus’ aren’t meeting many of us head-on with a serious, scary challenge we are facing: the economy…” ~ me. In Part I of this wild ride … Continue reading

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The Collapse of Your Economy: Stuck in the Trenches? Not If I Have Anything to Say About It!

Here’s the deal: I usually take an incredible amount of time to write my blog posts. This morning, I got so fired up about something that I blasted this out for you ‘live.’ Raw. Sleepy. Barely caffeinated. It all started … Continue reading

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what lies deep within…

The old stories are not old. Today is not young. You think you are yourself alone: I look at you and see bears and giants And strange birds of heaven; One hundred thousand years Is being lived in you, right … Continue reading

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Heads Up: on greatness, sound + fury (and the Stones)

[ Heads Up is a new series, that hit me smack between the eyes as I was musing over little things to share in between amazing, articulate posts that will change your world & make you want to get up … Continue reading

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