The Mystic Mama Project


For all you mamas out there who are deeply called to travel the mystic path and surrender to the Great Love. All while mastering laundry, diapers and dishes. You are not alone. Let’s talk.

Check out the tags or categories titled “Mystic Mama” for articles, interviews and more (even better, just CLICK here). And take a moment out of your crazy day to share a word, thought or insight. We need to hear from you.

Updates: you can sign up here to receive articles, interviews, discussions and more, all with a purpose. To support one another as we journey deeper, farther, further into divine awareness. I don’t share or sell info, ever, this is just for us mystic mama’s.


8 Responses to The Mystic Mama Project

  1. Rudy says:

    Entering the fray. So, I’m getting that I need to put myself out there. I am mystic mama Rudy. I am living a life that continues to surprise, enlighten, and occasionally rattle me. I have these two amazing kids that are divine. I know you do too. This generation coming up continues to blow my mind. What I wouldn’t give to pull back and look at the larger pattern in the generations.

    My kids are 7 months and 2 years 3 months a boy and girl respectively. I am so buried in motherhood I had forgotten what it looked like outside the cave. My little girl is a rock star on her “using the potty” journey right now, I can see the twinkle of light that looks like no more tinkling in the night and the end of the tunnel of night feedings.

    I love my kids and I’m trying all the time to be HERE. Present. For them, for me, and for my husband. Some how motherhood came more naturally then Wifehood. Heh.

    OK kids are callin’ – that is me entering the frey. Blessings to all the Mamas.

    -Mystic Mama Rudy

  2. Kim Upton says:

    Sounds awesome – I host a site and group for other mystic Mommas! πŸ™‚

  3. sarah ries says:

    wow that about sums up my existence at the moment. would love to chat:)

    • Kimberely says:

      Let’s do that! (I’ll PM ) Time we all got together for support and inspiration (online and live).


  4. jaz says:

    Hi, this sure resonates with me. I would love to chat.

    • Kimberely says:

      May I email you privately at your addy? I’m gathering together mama’s from various paths to commune and encourage.


    • Kimberely says:

      Please feel free to sign up for more on this topic. Look to the right there, or go to the Mystic Mama page for a link.
      I would love to hear from you, chat, etc. (Regardless of whether you sign up or not.)

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